Blessing // Projected Background

Directed by Matthew Rosen

If I remember right, this project used an old trick for their backgrounds, projection. I think projected backgrounds still look best, plus, they’re not that expensive and can be easily changed.

Nowadays, they commonly use a tarp background or they just fill it chroma to be replaced in post. The problem with tarp is that when you don’t light it properly, it’ll wash out in some areas, and it can’t be easily replaced if you suddenly change your mind. Chroma gives you more freedom with what background you want to put but, you’ll have to give more time for post.



graded with the Da Vinci Resolve
Directed by Matthew Rosen
Camera used was RED Mysterium X

I woke up one morning to the ring of my cellphone. It was direk’s line producer calling. This was a week before the scheduled grading session, so, I wondered why she was calling me.

I nervously answered, “Hello?”

“Toni,” she said, “direk has a question for you.”

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graded with the Da Vinci Resolve
Directed and Lighted by yours truly 🙂
Shot with a Canon 5d mk2
with the guidance of Direk Matthew Rosen

I attended a Cinematography Workshop by Direk Matthew Rosen, and in our last days, we each shot our own projects. Content didn’t matter, just the cinematography. But, I still wanted a bit of story in there somehow.

It’s not exactly what I imagined but, close enough, given the time, which was suppose to be just 45 minutes to set up and shoot, that turned out to be more for most of us. I like it, still.


graded with the Film Master v3.0.2
Director: Matthew Rosen

My last project with the Film Master… *sigh* I will miss thee…

Even though they serve the same purpose, the Resolve and Film Master are two very, very different machines. Each has its own strength. The Resolve may be fast and node based, but I like the Film Master’s keyer better and I’ll surely miss the blend modes. “Overlay” does WONDERS.

We will be together again, Nucoda…


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