Blessing // Projected Background

Directed by Matthew Rosen

If I remember right, this project used an old trick for their backgrounds, projection. I think projected backgrounds still look best, plus, they’re not that expensive and can be easily changed.

Nowadays, they commonly use a tarp background or they just fill it chroma to be replaced in post. The problem with tarp is that when you don’t light it properly, it’ll wash out in some areas, and it can’t be easily replaced if you suddenly change your mind. Chroma gives you more freedom with what background you want to put but, you’ll have to give more time for post.



Directed by Yam Laranas

I love the earthy-jewel tone palette of this project.


graded with the Da Vinci Resolve for Mac

Directed by Paul Soriano
Photography by Odie Flores
Shot with RED, Canon DSLRs and Weisscam

With the growing technology today, one can basically shoot crap, and still have a chance that it might come out beautiful in the end, given some investment in quality post-production. BUT, that’s not the case in Thelma. As digital colourist for the movie, I want the world to know, that there were barely any clean-ups or sky replacements done. The movie was shot beautifully.

I was awestruck when I first saw the raw material. Odie Flores is brilliant! All his skies were intact without compromising his subjects and foregrounds. As for the night scenes, shooting in a province, they probably didn’t do much lighting and just used available light. But, even so, everything was crisp and clean.
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Victory // Resolve 8

Director: Mark Querubin

The new Resolve 8 will be coming out soon! They said it has big updates that include a multilayer timeline! Thank you! I’m looking forward to the new features! I hope they come out with Blend Modes next!

Meranti // grading Canon DSLR

graded with the Da Vinci Resolve

Directed by Jose Ticsay

I love the time lapse shots here. I did make two separate grades for each shot that show two different times of the day. They dissolved them into each other to get more of that time moving feel.

I believe they used canon cameras for those time lapses. Isn’t that amazing? Canons are starting to be common for shooting TVCs nowadays, which makes them much cheaper to produce, I suppose. Still, they’re not Film, RED or Arri. But, they’ll definitely do those jobs that are impossible for big bulky cameras.

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