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Da Vinci Resolve Color Grading, Toni Gozum

When you’re grading for advertising, your clients will want the product in the shots to be the EXACT SAME COLOR as the real thing (or at least the artwork). Even if you have this surreal treatment for the rest of the image, the product has to be as realistic as possible. And, most likely, you’ll be isolating each color on that product to get it to match.

Here’s where nodes come in pretty handy! This little technique saves me a lot of time, especially if your product is moving and you need to track it. It’s not just useful for product shots, but for those things you intend to have a lot of keys in.

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Dissolve Effect with Da Vinci Resolve

I personally believe that working with dissolves is easier with the Nucoda Film Master. With the Resolve, it has some limitations that make it a little trickier. If you put your dissolve in the track within the Color tab, you must use the exact same nodes in the dissolving clips. The dissolve here basically just interpolates your nodes, moving your values from your first setting to the next. So, if for example, you have a node with a qualifier that changes values from the first clip to the second clip, then you might see a sort of “morphing” within the dissolve (which I should probably start calling, “dynamic”, in this context, rather than “dissolve”). Since it is a dynamic, the clip is still whole and applying a saved grade would erase that dynamic. As opposed to how the Film Master does it, splitting the clips in two and placing an actual dissolve over the cut. Since the two parts are separated, it’s easy to just apply a saved grade to either without affecting the other clip or the dissolve.

I’ve noticed a lot of engine searches for “dissolve in Da Vinci Resolve” or something similar. I tried doing the search myself and I didn’t find much. But, if I’m not mistaken, the Resolve manual has instructions on this. But anyway, as a quick reference, here’s how to do it. Depending on your situation, you can create a dissolve effect either in CONFORM or COLOR.

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Resolve vs. Film Master

Da Vinci Resolve vs. Digital Vision Nucoda Film Master

Since Blackmagic Design came out with their Da Vinci Resolve, a grading machine WAY cheaper than Digital Vision’s Nucoda Film Master, there have been a lot of discussions about which is a better machine. I’ve worked with both. Granted, it was an old (and I mean, OLD) version of the Film Master that I used. I find the two machines to be extremely different from each other, but neither is better than the other. I believe each has its own particular forte, and depending on what kind of work I’m going to do, that I’d prefer one machine over the other.

What I’ve listed here aren’t the only features of the machines. That’d be too long a list to write about. These are just most of the features I often use for my projects.

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Speaking Colorist

Since coloring is a specialized line of work, and practically nobody knows you exist outside of your industry, sometimes there’s sort of a language barrier between you and your director/client.

There’s nothing more frustrating, in any kind of work, than miscommunications and misunderstandings. I’d rather have a picky client rather than one who doesn’t know what s/he wants. It’s still our job, as professionals, of course, to translate what they want into our work. But, it helps if they have at least a little knowledge of our “language” and what exactly we are capable of doing. I once had a client who requested me to put in some text, I think he confused me with the editor…

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Color in Motion


The first time I saw this site was in my video production class in college. It’s pretty cool for an information site. It takes a while to load but it’s very detailed and entertaining. Basically, it’s an interactive site that talks about color. My favorites are the “movies” that give you a brief summary on each color. Check it out!


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