Juana Change // Women’s Day

graded with the Nucoda Film Master
Directed by Mark Querubin

I graded this a while back with our old machine. But that’s not really what I want to focus on for this post.

Today is International Women’s Day! It’s been a long time since we, women, have started stepping up for equality of the sexes. Some may say that there IS equality already, but others may still argue otherwise. Nonetheless, we have come a long way, from simply wanting (and acquiring) the right to vote, to being leaders and movers of society.

Of course, society has HUNDREDS of issues, still. One major issue here, in the Philippines, being reviewed, critiqued, discussed, argued, debated, protested, etc… would be the RH bill. This is a great issue because

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Did It Ever

graded with the Da Vinci Resolve for Mac
Directed by Paul Soriano
Shot with Canon

Gary Valenciano’s newest music video.

In this project, I got to use the grouping feature. Funny thing is, if I group clips, they have to have the same exact nodes and settings. Otherwise, it’ll ask me if I want to make new versions so that they will all have the same nodes and still get to keep my older settings. Should it really be like that? So basically, if my clips aren’t balanced as is, then I can’t group them? Or am I doing something wrong?

Is there a way that you can append a number of nodes to a clip without having to drag them in one by one? What I do now is I set some empty nodes at the beginning then I do my color. So that, when I apply them to another clip, I don’t have to insert nodes before my color. It would really be nice to have an “append” feature or something that lets you drag and drop more than one node.

You’ve Got A Friend

Graded with Film Master V3.0.2

Director: Paul Soriano
DOP: Anne Monzon

I’m not sure what camera they used for shooting but it was shot well enough for me to add a mood. They wanted most of it to be cold blue-cyan then getting warmer at the end, when the two characters reunite.

You’ve Got A Friend
Performed by Billy Crawford and Nikki Gil

This Mighty Heart Attack

Graded on the NUCODA Film Master V3.0.2

Director & DOP: JA Tadena
Camera: Canon 5d mkII

My first almost real project. Shot entirely in one day around the Metro with a Canon 5dmkII by a great cinematographer and director, in this case, JA Tadena.

I was going through a vintage look phase when I graded this, which would explain the magenta blacks in most of the frames. Since this is almost 4 minutes of material and I don’t know how many shots, the material came in a day before so I can prep them. After, I had some spare time so I started experimented with the different scenes, made a few looks and kept the ones I really liked.

Since it was a music video, which meant, they were more open to, let’s just say, artsy looks more than strict branding, I got really excited that I actually finished the whole thing that day.

Direk came in the next day and luckily, he loved it! We made just a few adjustments here and there.

It’s a rare and awesome thing when they decide to keep your initial looks. That’s one of the reasons why I love this project! 🙂


This Mighty Heart Attack
by Us-2-Evil-0


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