graded with the Da Vinci Resolve for Mac

Directed by Paul Soriano
Photography by Odie Flores
Shot with RED, Canon DSLRs and Weisscam

With the growing technology today, one can basically shoot crap, and still have a chance that it might come out beautiful in the end, given some investment in quality post-production. BUT, that’s not the case in Thelma. As digital colourist for the movie, I want the world to know, that there were barely any clean-ups or sky replacements done. The movie was shot beautifully.

I was awestruck when I first saw the raw material. Odie Flores is brilliant! All his skies were intact without compromising his subjects and foregrounds. As for the night scenes, shooting in a province, they probably didn’t do much lighting and just used available light. But, even so, everything was crisp and clean.
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Coming Soon: Thelma

thelma, Paul Soriano, Odie Flores, Mark Victor, Toni Gozum

I tell you, this film by Paul Soriano, has the most picturesque shots. I graded the whole thing with the Resolve. I must give credit, as well, to Odie Flores, Director of Photography for Thelma, who gave me such healthy material to work with. I don’t think I would have worked and finished as fast, if not for his work, even with the real-time speed of the Resolve.

I’m crazy excited for this film! It’s due to come out early this summer, I believe. Watch out for it!


graded with the Da Vinci Resolve
Directed and Lighted by yours truly 🙂
Shot with a Canon 5d mk2
with the guidance of Direk Matthew Rosen

I attended a Cinematography Workshop by Direk Matthew Rosen, and in our last days, we each shot our own projects. Content didn’t matter, just the cinematography. But, I still wanted a bit of story in there somehow.

It’s not exactly what I imagined but, close enough, given the time, which was suppose to be just 45 minutes to set up and shoot, that turned out to be more for most of us. I like it, still.

Chasing Manila

graded on the Film Master v3.0.2

Director: Paul Soriano
Cinematographer: Anne Monzon

This is an Official Entry to the Shanghai World Expo where this year’s theme is, “Better City, Better Life”.

It took me pretty much the whole day to finish this short feature. It would definitely have been quicker if I had a, say, Da Vinci Resolve? Lucky for us, we’ve upgraded our suite. Now, Underground Logic houses the new Da Vinci Resolve, the first and fastest in the country!

We set it up last week and so far, I’ve done 2 projects with it. It’s pretty fast but I still miss some features the Film Master has that the Resolve doesn’t (like the multi-layer timeline). It gets the job done fast, so, it kinda makes up for that.

I just finished one today and am pretty excited. The product is just gorgeous! I can’t believe they’re on a low budget for such a high class item! I hope it airs soon so I can post it already.

Here’s part 2 of Chasing Manila:

Halaw: Ways of the Sea

Graded on the NUCODA Film Master V3.0.2

Writer/Director/Producer: Sheron Dayoc
Camera: Canon 550d
Colorists: Aurie Anden and Toni Gozum

Occasionally, our company takes in indie full length features like this, for our local film festival, Cinemalaya, but usually just for grading services.

For this project, our company had the opportunity to do more than just grading. We also offered our editing and clean-up services.

It’s sad, I didn’t get to watch the film on the big screen since they cancelled the viewings the day I was set to watch because of the typhoon that hit Manila unexpectedly the day before.

Cheers to Direk Sheron, nonetheless. This feature brought home a few awards under the New Breed Full Length Feature category: Best Film , Best Direction and Best Performance (by John Arcilla).

Click here for more information on who won this year


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