Juana Change // Women’s Day

graded with the Nucoda Film Master
Directed by Mark Querubin

I graded this a while back with our old machine. But that’s not really what I want to focus on for this post.

Today is International Women’s Day! It’s been a long time since we, women, have started stepping up for equality of the sexes. Some may say that there IS equality already, but others may still argue otherwise. Nonetheless, we have come a long way, from simply wanting (and acquiring) the right to vote, to being leaders and movers of society.

Of course, society has HUNDREDS of issues, still. One major issue here, in the Philippines, being reviewed, critiqued, discussed, argued, debated, protested, etc… would be the RH bill. This is a great issue because

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Resolve vs. Film Master

Da Vinci Resolve vs. Digital Vision Nucoda Film Master

Since Blackmagic Design came out with their Da Vinci Resolve, a grading machine WAY cheaper than Digital Vision’s Nucoda Film Master, there have been a lot of discussions about which is a better machine. I’ve worked with both. Granted, it was an old (and I mean, OLD) version of the Film Master that I used. I find the two machines to be extremely different from each other, but neither is better than the other. I believe each has its own particular forte, and depending on what kind of work I’m going to do, that I’d prefer one machine over the other.

What I’ve listed here aren’t the only features of the machines. That’d be too long a list to write about. These are just most of the features I often use for my projects.

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Two Stops Over

graded with the Da Vinci Resolve for Mac
(note: this youtube video wasn’t graded)

Two Stops Over is a Photography TV show, which airs on Sundays at 7:30 PM (Philippines) on 2nd Ave. It’s an interesting show because it doesn’t just focus on the technicalities of professional photography but also, you get a peek at the lives of their subjects. So, even if you’re not into photography, I think you’ll still like the show.

I like getting projects that aren’t TVCs. It’s refreshing. They give you creative freedom, so, you can do whatever you want (within reason, of course). And usually, they just generally want it to look good. At least, better than what they initially got after shooting.

It can be a little tricky though. Since these are, on average, around 20 minutes long, it takes me most of the day to get it done. To make it easy, I group similar shots together, which are usually the interview shots. Since the material comes to me in one whole sequence, the scene detector helps loads, but it still depends on the edit. So far, I’ve done 4 episodes. And, each time, I learn a new way to help me work faster.

It gets difficult when the edit has a lot of dissolves. These are the times when I miss the Film Master. Nucoda’s dynamics work differently than the Resolve’s. With Nucoda, when you put a dynamic, the split clips are treated as independent clips, while in Resolve, they have to have the exact same nodes. You can only manipulate the values in them. And, you can’t even just apply the grade, even if it has the same nodes. It will also apply it to the other part of the clip on the other side of the dynamic. This is why I prefer the Nucoda’s dynamics, simply because it’s easier to work with.


graded with the Film Master v3.0.2
Director: Matthew Rosen

My last project with the Film Master… *sigh* I will miss thee…

Even though they serve the same purpose, the Resolve and Film Master are two very, very different machines. Each has its own strength. The Resolve may be fast and node based, but I like the Film Master’s keyer better and I’ll surely miss the blend modes. “Overlay” does WONDERS.

We will be together again, Nucoda…

Belo Authority

graded with the Nucoda Film Master v3.0.2

Director: Yam Laranas

Did this a while back actually. I just remembered it when I saw it on TV a few moments ago.

They used film for this TVC. Nothing beats film; it has the best latitude. It’s sad really that film’s fading away. Digital may be cheaper and easier on everyone but you still can’t get the same look that film delivers. We rarely get film materials these days.

I was nervous that I was going to do this project. First, because, I had just started doing my own projects then. Second, because it was a skin ad. Of course, the skin had to look the best it should be. I was afraid that I wouldn’t be able to give the direk and the agency what they wanted. But, it all turned out okay, smoother than I expected.

So, there. My first skin TVC.


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