My name is Toni Gozum.

Professionally, a digital colourist based in Metro Manila, Philippines. I was trained for Coloring by my current company, Underground Logic. My senior, Aurie Anden, first trained me and I worked with the Film Master V3.0.2 ( I know, it’s ancient) since I entered UGL, back in 2009. By the end of 2010, we started with the newest Da Vinci Resolve, and certified and trained by Warren Eagles of ICA.

Occasionally (usually upon request), a video editor. It started when I “discovered” iMovie in my mom’s computer when I was in third year high school. Soon after, and a couple of gut cringing videos later, I moved on to Final Cut Pro. I also know some basic Premiere, Apple Motion and After Effects.

Constantly, a photographer. Since, at least, my first real photography workshop in high school. I have yet to save up for a better camera and more lenses. For now, my beloved Nikon d40x will have to do. If it interests you, do pass by my flickr or dA, whichever you prefer (although I update my dA more often).

Secretly, an illustrator. My “drawings” and “artwork” are for my eyes only. At least for the time being. The world isn’t ready yet.

Probably, a future cinematographer. I’d really love the chance to do cinematography. Hopefully, I find a great mentor to learn under, and work my way in there. But, even so, I won’t stop coloring.

You may contact me through my email: toni.gozum@gmail.com

This page was last updated: March 13, 2011


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