Meranti // grading Canon DSLR

graded with the Da Vinci Resolve

Directed by Jose Ticsay

I love the time lapse shots here. I did make two separate grades for each shot that show two different times of the day. They dissolved them into each other to get more of that time moving feel.

I believe they used canon cameras for those time lapses. Isn’t that amazing? Canons are starting to be common for shooting TVCs nowadays, which makes them much cheaper to produce, I suppose. Still, they’re not Film, RED or Arri. But, they’ll definitely do those jobs that are impossible for big bulky cameras.

Grading canon material isn’t that bad really. But you can’t push them too far. So, when you shoot, it should be as close as possible to what you want already. And, if it’s under or overexposed, game over. You won’t get any more information out of those clipped whites, and trying to lift those crushed blacks will just give you intolerable video noise.

On a totally different topic, it would be nice to have a condo in Fort. It’s so nice to walk around. It’s not as congested as Makati, but you still have everything you need: grocery, home stuff, mall, movies, nightclubs, restos etc.


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