graded with the Da Vinci Resolve
Directed by Matthew Rosen
Camera used was RED Mysterium X

I woke up one morning to the ring of my cellphone. It was direk’s line producer calling. This was a week before the scheduled grading session, so, I wondered why she was calling me.

I nervously answered, “Hello?”

“Toni,” she said, “direk has a question for you.”

It was about the waveform reading of the new Mysterium X. Their in-camera says different from the external waveform monitor. Being a fairly new model, they weren’t quite sure which to follow. Well, unfortunately, neither did I.

After that, I was quite nervous about the upcoming project. More so, when Direk kept saying what a nightmare their shoot was because of this and that, in our cinematography workshop, which he headed.

So, grading day came, and I’m pretty happy with the original material and how I graded it. Just a simple clean grade. I love the existing colors of the scene, orange and blue, gives it a whole cool but summery feeling.

Direk said he wanted a feel of natural lighting from the windows, so that’s the set-up he did. Naturally, the middle bit, being the farthest from the windows, would be a bit darker than rest. I used A LOT of windows to balance out that first clip. Good thing Resolve has an excellent tracker!


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