Juana Change // Women’s Day

graded with the Nucoda Film Master
Directed by Mark Querubin

I graded this a while back with our old machine. But that’s not really what I want to focus on for this post.

Today is International Women’s Day! It’s been a long time since we, women, have started stepping up for equality of the sexes. Some may say that there IS equality already, but others may still argue otherwise. Nonetheless, we have come a long way, from simply wanting (and acquiring) the right to vote, to being leaders and movers of society.

Of course, society has HUNDREDS of issues, still. One major issue here, in the Philippines, being reviewed, critiqued, discussed, argued, debated, protested, etc… would be the RH bill. This is a great issue because

our country is primarily a very religious and Catholic society. The Church and its supporters protest the passing of the bill, saying that the use of contraceptives is murder to the unborn child and promotes immorality, especially among the youth.

There are other members of our society, like myself, who are for the passing of the bill, not because we just want to be immoral or murderers, but rather for the education and preservation of good health, especially for women. Everyday, as I pass through the roads lined with poverty stricken families, I feel depressed. They live on salaries that can barely support a child! And, they have 6?! Or more, even! I used to ask myself, why would they keep on having children if they know they can’t support them? I eventually learned that none of them actually know about family planning. If the RH bill is passed, they will be given the chance to learn about family planning.

And what about those women with Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS)? I have it and I recently realized that more and more women have it. Pills actually help us regulate our hormones and our periods as well.

And, Ayala Alabang, is just ridiculous! Even Lea Salonga wrote something about it!

I came across this video, from Juana Change (which is why I remembered that I did a Juana Project a while back). It raises some very interesting questions to the protestors of the RH bill.

*I didn’t work on this video, I just want to share it… 🙂


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