graded with the [NEW] Da Vinci Resolve [!].

Director: Paul Soriano
Camera: Canon 7d

Here it is! The new Chevrolet Cruze treated with the new Da Vinci Resolve. Along with our new machine, we also got Black Magic’s Ultrascope, which was a big help in matching the scenes.

This is my first project with the Mac Resolve. We’ve been using the Linux one before that. So far, I don’t feel any difference in grading. Though, I’m a bit more confident using the Mac since I know very little about Linux machines. So, I’m kind of glad about that. But eventually, I believe we’ll switch to a Linux when we decide to speed up our machine even more.

I’m starting to study Apple’s Color, since I’ve had it ever since I bought my laptop, early last year. Obviously, and of course, it’s not going to match up to any Resolve or Film Master. But, I bet it’s good enough for home videos or even just small projects. Besides, it’s a cheap course, practically free! Where? From the University of Youtube.

So, Apple Color uses nodes. The Resolve also works with nodes. I wonder when they’ll make the Film Master node-based? Do they plan on working with nodes? Layers are great but nodes are more flexible, I believe.


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