Chasing Manila

graded on the Film Master v3.0.2

Director: Paul Soriano
Cinematographer: Anne Monzon

This is an Official Entry to the Shanghai World Expo where this year’s theme is, “Better City, Better Life”.

It took me pretty much the whole day to finish this short feature. It would definitely have been quicker if I had a, say, Da Vinci Resolve? Lucky for us, we’ve upgraded our suite. Now, Underground Logic houses the new Da Vinci Resolve, the first and fastest in the country!

We set it up last week and so far, I’ve done 2 projects with it. It’s pretty fast but I still miss some features the Film Master has that the Resolve doesn’t (like the multi-layer timeline). It gets the job done fast, so, it kinda makes up for that.

I just finished one today and am pretty excited. The product is just gorgeous! I can’t believe they’re on a low budget for such a high class item! I hope it airs soon so I can post it already.

Here’s part 2 of Chasing Manila:


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