This Mighty Heart Attack

Graded on the NUCODA Film Master V3.0.2

Director & DOP: JA Tadena
Camera: Canon 5d mkII

My first almost real project. Shot entirely in one day around the Metro with a Canon 5dmkII by a great cinematographer and director, in this case, JA Tadena.

I was going through a vintage look phase when I graded this, which would explain the magenta blacks in most of the frames. Since this is almost 4 minutes of material and I don’t know how many shots, the material came in a day before so I can prep them. After, I had some spare time so I started experimented with the different scenes, made a few looks and kept the ones I really liked.

Since it was a music video, which meant, they were more open to, let’s just say, artsy looks more than strict branding, I got really excited that I actually finished the whole thing that day.

Direk came in the next day and luckily, he loved it! We made just a few adjustments here and there.

It’s a rare and awesome thing when they decide to keep your initial looks. That’s one of the reasons why I love this project! 🙂


This Mighty Heart Attack
by Us-2-Evil-0


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